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Okay guys, that's urgent now.




Ok, guys, I really hate doing things like this but I barely have any other choice. In less than two weeks (13 days to be precise) I am moving out of my hometown to London. I have already bought an one way ticket, and this is settled. This is my chance to escape home. Why is it so important for me…

You came up with a nice story, didn’t you? It’s such a shame that it isn’t true… but you hope to find some naive people to get what you want, I know that. That’s not the first time and it’s not the last, I know that too. And you use your girlfriend to get money, you take everything she has… she’s not the first, there were girls before. There was me, for example.
And yes, getting job in Poland is hard for non-cis, non-hetero people and yet I know some that got nice job (including me). So it’s not impossible. 
And still, you could go if you want, you just lie that they keep you by force. You have a ticket so why you don’t just go? You could get a temporary job in London too, you know. Or even in Poland… but you have to want to get job.
And I know you’re not a student anymore and you promised your parents you won’t drop from university, so don’t pretend you don’t know what they are angry for. I’d been there, when you made your promise. I know what I’m talking about.
And I’ll ask… do you have a permission for crowdfunding? If not, what you do, is illegal. So… be careful.
So don’t pretend you’re a victim, ‘cause you’re not. And you weren’t a virgin for a long time… not like you said, you had lost your virginity in 2014. We both know that’s not true. 
You’re a liar and a cheater. Amd megalomaniac.

I feel like I need to add something here. I usually don’t do that. I usually don’t take my private stuff to the public. But after all I’ve read I feel like more people should know the truth. 

And the truth is - you are not that weak, poor, hurt person you say you are. As Sionna perfectly said, you are a liar, cheater and megalomaniac. Sometimes I’m not even sure if you believe in that person you are creating, or are you just so good at pretending. 

And I want all the people defending him here to read it, I want his girlfriend to read it - YOU ARE NOT THE FIRST TO BELIEVE HIM. Don’t worry, it doesn’t last long. He gets bored quite quickly. For me it lasted for two years, well, with some breaks. First, he was cheating on a different girl with me. Soon he was cheating me with a different girl. A year later it was back to cheating a different girl with me (I’m so, so sorry, G.). And that’s only what I know of, I have no idea how many other girls were actually there. Well now he has a new one. Good luck with that.

There is one thing that I can admit he is good at - manipulation. When you are with him, you want to believe him and all of this things I wrote down here seem a hateful crap. But when the time passes and you get to see the true picture, you feel quite shitty actually. Trust me, been there, done that. The aftermath of knowing him is basically “what the fuck was I thinking”. 

I’m really sorry to get all this private shit up here. But I feel bad when I see all the people that trust this manipulative bastard. I want everyone who knows him to read it and think - at least for a second - if he truly is the person he says he is. 

PS. He was also trying to pull this virgin crap on me. Funny. 

PS2. If that was tl;dr here’s all you need to know - tumblr user “benedictcarltoncumberbatchs" is a dangerous, toxic and insincere person that destroys other people by manipulation. You should not trust him. He’s not as weak as he reckons. 

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